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My First Official Blog

Well, this should be the first official blog I have. Not that I don't like to blog, just that I don't know what I can write and most important, I'm poor in writing =.=". But just wonder why I decided to start blogging, may be I need some place to crap around or just to voice out. Just hoping it will not ended with rotting ^^"

Ok... What topic should I start with? Hmm.... Yes, my O.D.M watch!!! I got two O.D.M watches in 2 to 3 weeks time. First should thank my dear for giving me my first O.D.M. (Thanks Bb~) It's an O.D.M Pixel, transparent silver polycarbonate watch which I have dreamt for months. This funky looking watch feature a jumbo electroluminescent display that wraps around the curvature of the watch band. Cool huh~~

The other model is Tofu Oyako O.D.M watch. A model where Devilrobots has collaborated with O.D.M to release this limited edition. I have been searching it for months but ended up with "SOLD OUT. NO RE-STOCK AVAILABLE" >.< ... When I'm almost give up searching it, I managed to find it in a shop in Pertama Complex. Woohooo.... Without thinking twice, I straight bought it back even I'm broke ^^"'. The watch comes with a mini TO-FU figure and a nice packaging box.

Dang.... I love both watches so much & I'm totally hooked with O.D.M watches now. The next target of mine would be the Molly O.D.M. ^^

After all the watches crap.. Guess is time for me to make another huge decision for tomorrow whether to stay or to go after almost a year of working in the company. So have to ciao~~

See ya in the next coming post~~

P/S : Just found out that my Tofu Oyako O.D.M is at number 164 out of 1200. ^^


^akachester said...

First be@rbrick --
Then ODM --

Woo..So many stuff..Hehe..Show some nice real picture. :P

Nice one there. Nice start to your blog. Welcome to the blogging world :)

babymoli said...

Hahaha... I will try to take real pictures of that two watches.

Lim said...

where i can buy those watch?? (TO-FU n Moly)
i'm from indonesia..

moli said...

Hi Lim,

I'm not so sure where you can get. Even in Malaysia is hard to find now :)