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frankly speaking, i don't really like to blog
zen zen kirai desu
cox i don't like cracking my brain in order to squeeze out words
i hate describing things
you can say me weak
& yes i admit it
i'm freaking weak in describing or essaying
& also english
i hate writing something with a lot of wording
that's why i always si kiao kiao (die hard hard) in my writing
either languages subjects
those subjects with facts like management
i always only managed to squeeze through for exam

**thank god i always pass**

& imma why i have a blog?

cox someone asked me to start blogging
he said that i can improve myself through blogging
not much wording is ok, just start it slowly
& i did really listen him..start blogging

so you can see, my blog seldom have long long post
mostly are pictures or few sentences of words
ranting out there xD

so onegai~~ do not expect long long post from me
if one day you find me with a long post
guess there's something unusual on me =P

anyway, enough of ranting here
imma need benkyou the stuped source code & documents
just in order to understand the flow

ja ne mina-san~~


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

*sweat* Phew~~Im having pro reading your hooman language. Who said we need to write looooong post?? Just post some handsome photo like me will do. lol

slurpy lick,

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Y you have pro reading my language?i tot u r super dog can understand any hooman language.