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Haro: lockon lockon~~

Yea.. Fall in love with this cute lil' gadget - the Gundam 00 mascot robot - Haro
He is the companion of Lockon. Alway lockon lockon~~ there
Sound like calling hubby (lou gong lou gong in cantonese) xD

Too bad this item is not available in Malaysia
Saw someone from the forum got it as a birthday + vday gift from her bf

**eeiii... How i wish i get it too, sek do la bb**

Did PM her regarding where her bf got it
Was told that her bf got it from ebay & it did cost a bomb

**Argghhh... who ask you to show me Henry!!!!!**

Now I'm addicted with it. imma must find a way to get it

**think hard hard**

I found it on ebay too & a friend is willing to help me to get it
(cox he has paypal account)

imma i need to calculate the price
hopefully i got money

**cross my fingers hard**

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