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My FIRST impression

well, i'm kinda believe on my first impression meeting people now. how & what impression i have first meeting a person does actually show the real person. all the while i have a thought - "never judge a book by its cover". everyone deserves a chance. he/she might not be the one on how i feel on them. So i always try to mingle, to find the good in them. unfortunately, i always end up that i'm right with my feeling, my first impression.

when i first met the bloody fucker of my ex- colleague, i just didn't like him. he looks like those bloody fucker that looks down on people & he is always the right one. but i gave chance to accept him as colleague, as friend. but he turned me down after few months. he is just one ignorant that i wanted to flush him out in the toilet bowl. flush those shiatssss into his bloody ass mouth.

then another female ex-colleague.. my first impression on her was she is those kinda cheapo play girls. those that can easily get up to bed with different kinda guys & pay for the guys.. oh great.. she is really what i felt when i first met her. she even has a condom 24/7 inside her purse!!!

and now i have met my new company's dilactor - mr. wong. he gave me a very bad impression. if he was the interviewer, i'm sure i wouldn't have join this company. he is just like how he looks like. those people that show how good they are by keep pressing, teasing, humiliating & insulting other people. cheapo.. cheapskate huh??!!! i'm planning to look for another job after i met him that day. already in the process of looking for other job.

so now, do you thing i can start to trust my first impression & feeling on meeting people? first 3 persons that gave me bad impression & feeling did behave how i feel about them. great~~

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