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oh great!!!

yea.. great. recently got hooked up with expensive hobby - modelling. thanks to bb. and now i got interested with gundams, keroro gunso & sd bb gundams. get superb satisfied when manage to get one up. xD

Anyway, it has different grades of gundam & different prices too. Here are the list of it.

Perfect Grade(PG) - 1/60 - the most details and have alot of parts. most of the time the eyes part can glow and usually come in a big box

Master Grade (MG)
- 1/100 - the most popular grade among others. second most details kits than perfect grade. has a inner frame and also outside armour.

Normal/Non Grade (NG) - 1/100, 1/60(Big Scale NG) - MG scale with no inner frame and also of course less details than MGs

High Grade(HG)
- 1/144 - NG level with smaller scale.

First Grade(FG) - 1/144 - The most less details grade among all...usually been mold in just 2 or 3 basic colors. and the manual usually printed on the box

Speed Grade(SG) - 1/200 - Painted kit straight on the runner...just cut the piece out and assemble...minor lining needed to look more nicer

Super Deform(SD) - err...short gundam with big head??

Gundam Fix Figuration(GFF) - 1/144, 1/100 - Painted gundams model(usually a very nice paint job)...or also can be consider as a action figure...take out from the box and straight display

SHCM Pro/HCM Pro - 1/200, 1/144 - same as GFF version but smaller and lesser details and paint job

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