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This is the most superb, marvelous & funniest thing I have ever heard in Year 2009.
There was this person that has the world's most koyak observation or lie.

This is actually how the story goes...

There was one morning that A was driving to search for a car park at the usual place. Then he saw this B was searching something in a Perodua Viva which does not belong to him. Owner of the Viva is B's "close" friend which he doesn't admit she is. But too many evidences (3 persons saw his "darling" message & another 3 persons saw they are holding hands) showed yet still both of them deny it. So A went to take another turn so that he could pretend that he didn't see B. When A parked his car & walked to office, he met B on the way & this is how the conversation happened.

A: Friend
B: The superb ultimate lier

A: Hi, B. You're driving a Viva ah?
B: **Shock** No la... You see it wrongly ah. I drive Myvi one wor.
A: But just now I saw you searching thing in a Viva.
B: No la... **silent for seconds** hmmm... You don't know meh? MYVI & VIVA LOOK LIKE THE SAME.
A: O.O||| ...**sweat** ::A crown of crow just flied above A's head::

-End of conversation -

So, imma I will post up the Myvi & Viva pictures for you guys to determine.

Front View
<=Myvi <=Viva

Side View

<=Myvi <=Viva

Rear View

<=Myvi <=Viva So, what do you guys think? Do they look the same???


Nezumitaro said...

same lah same lah.. both of them with 4 wheels.. :P

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

U tilook la... I oso know they have engine lor. Got pistons & valves somemore. =P

Some alphabet said...

haha.. ya.. same.. when u need to force urself to be very sleepy first..

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Some alphabet: Wao.. That's a bravo idea.