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Kids nowadays are totally out of what you can expect.
You would never think of those words or action does actually comes from a kid.

Case No.1:

**This happened on my bf's cousin's colleague**

Son: Daddy, I want to change my bicycle.
Dad: Why you wanted to change it? It's not yet broken.
Son: The bicycle is old.
Dad: ... O_O"' How old is the bicycle?
Son: 3 years old.
Dad: And how old are you?
Son: 6 years old.
Dad: Then should I change you as well?
Son: ...

Case No.2:

My cousin son - Kaka is just only a 3 year old kid. He loves cars to the max. Yes. All sort of cars.
Can you imagine a 3 year old kid that watches video on car modification? Those VCDs got it from HK car magazine like Option. That boy can sit still watching the video till it ends. He will pick all pages with cars out from the newspaper & shows to his mum, asking his mum to see.

Not only this, he is interested in any car racing games like NFS, Grids... He will ask my brother to open the game for him to watch & he wanted to play =.="'

Then... He drifts. YES. He drifts with his lil car. He can sit on his lil car & push the car to move fast from living hall & drifts into his parents' room.

And there was a time when my sister was watching an old movie - too fast too furios. This fella gets totally excited when he saw a bunch of car coming out. He was too excited so he was shaking & trembling shouting there, telling my sister CARS! CARS!!!! And when it came to the racing part, both his hands were up like holding a steering turning left or right, making VROOM~ VROOM~ sound and trying to shift gears like in the movie but no gear for him, so he shifted my mouse O_O"'

Kids nowadays really..... Speechless

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Z said...

wow. Maybe your cousin's son has an unusually high level ofoctane in his blood :). If his passion for cars is that strong, then he'll grow up to be very successful ^^.