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Diana <333

I guess I will postpone to get Oktomat and Super Sampler at the moment. Reason.....???

I found another target XDDD I want Diana more. Bwahahahahahahas....

This is the one I want to get =>>

Diana F+ with Flash Package - Snow Cat Edition : A special edition Diana+ from Korea. All dressed in black and white
, it’s a charming collaboration between Lomography and SnowCat, a renowned illustrator in Korea. Package includes Diana F+ Snowcat, Diana F+ Flash, ‘More True Tales & Short Stories’ Diana Vignettes hardcover book, Color Gel Filters, 12 & 16-shot format frames, 2 Diana Flash adapters, Shutter lock, neckstrap, lens cap and Multilingual instructions.


Diana Instant Back+ = With the Diana Instant Back+ create all Diana+’s looks in an instant photo! Easily attach it to the back of any Diana+ camera and load with Fujifilm Instax Mini. Works with all Diana+ lenses and accessories and develops in about 90 seconds!


zen said...

Yes, Diana is very cun!!!

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Yea.... Wanted to get it but but **motoboat coming** expensive oh if want to include the instant back+

Hopefully I can save enough money to get it XD or may be hint that monkey sponsor a lil =p

zen said...

wahahaaa!!! go poke your "ATM". lol