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Experiment Report

Experiment Title: Lomo Fish.E First Take

Date: 8th June 2009 - 12th June 2009

Purpose: To try out and experience the new Lomo camera - Fisheye No.2 that is newly bought.

Material: Fisheye No.2 and negative film 12 exposures


Conclusion: Only 4 out of 12 can be processed with blurry image but I like it XD . 8 were under exposed due to the reason pictures taken indoor during night without sufficient lighting =p. So...... Experiment phailed!!!

p/s: Another experiment on coming outing. This time will be using 36 exposures slide film. Cross processing will be done to see the result. (manage to get an expired slide film too..yea yea happy ^^)


zen said...

Ops....too bad. Nevermind la, practice make perfect!! Haha.

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Yea.. That's why I bought a 12 exposes to try out. Somehow I felt that my first roll should be koyak one. lolx

Anyway, coming outing will be my second try. This time is outdoor day time. Lighting should be ok. =D