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My artwork

i used to draw...

i had been attending art classes on Sunday every week

since i was in standard 3

until i was in Form 6 and stopped

my teacher was assigned to work at outstation

so i had no choice

among all the techniques i had learnt

i love air brushing the most

but i guess my skills have gone down to drains XD

no more drawing since i stopped

all got rotten & rusted

i think i need to learn from start again if i decided to draw again =p

anyway, here are some work i had done in the past

hopefully it can "see people"


and I love this the most


Bud said...

I dont belib is urs :P

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

You shouldn't waste your talent!!!!1

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

bud...that motorbike is with you leh.. not belib ruin my gundam drawing also ma..mana pigi that 1??

T, i guess i have wasted it. LOL!!!!

Bud said...

That wan i keep in safe deposit box jor. No worries. That moto u buy wan :P

evtazz said...

OMG!!! thats so nice wei!!!! u got the talent!!

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

bud... I don't see it wor.. the last time i saw it, it already penyik >.<

amanda.. talent gone to the drain liao..XD

Billy Chan said...

very nice drawings ..

I don't know that you are so talented ... Diam-diam tapi sangat talented ..

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

billy....old time talent.. no more loo XDDD