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my weekend

No plan for the past weekend


I didn't go lepak

but both lilweiser and I were busy

Look at us

we were so hardworking & concentrating

lilweiser and I were so concentrating

spending our time at home trying to finish up our pending tasks XD

i'm happy now

i managed to assemble my Pururu that lilweiser bought for me

then finished one BB Gundam - Stargazer

and started Strike Noir till the upper body part

Finally I managed clear some tasks off

i know these aren't much tasks

but at least i cleared some off

i don't know why i took long time assembling my model kits

even it's just a BB Gundam

i guess i'm those tortoise gang

slow in assembling XDDDD

anyway, here are those remaining pending tasks

I guess my coming two weekends will be busy

Don't think I will have chance to finish my Strike Noir

Need to prepare stuff for my trip ^^

Guess can only continue my pending tasks after back from my trip


zen said...


try to get up....

*fainted again*

Bud said...

*double fainted* told ya i "Help" u fix it :P