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Darling has changed her style for quite sometimes

probably a week or 2

there was this day when Zen came over to hang out

she couldn't bear Darling's messiness

so she decided to send her for a full grooming

since Darling is so playful & likes water a lot

her fur all gets tangled

the groomer had no choice but to tell Zen that

Darling may need to be trimmed short


so, i'll show you how short is her fur now

all of us were shocked when we went back to fetch her

I don't have her before groomed photos

so i took it from lilweiser blog that were taken during her barkday pawty

before enter grooming center

4 hours later...

please pardon me

Darling is too active

only 7 out of 10++ photos taken can "see people"

but among those can see people also have some blur one XD

and now she looks like a schnauzer wearing fluffy boots


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