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Don't want to grow older =.=

Arrgghh.. I hate growing older

another few more years, I'm into 30's

**si beh sien la ooi**

Don't seem to have achieve anything

other than spending money =.=

How i wish I can just stuck at 21

or may be 17 again

time oh time, please slow down

go as slow as possible

onegai shimasu


Billy Chan said...

don't worry ..
In the process of growing up .. many nice thing happened.

Appreciate what you have and experience before and looking forward for a better tomorrow .. :)


evtazz aka Amanda aka Amd said...

hahahahah...slap slap shake shake moli!!! more dreamland... :P

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

billy: I want experience but I don't want grow older wor... Can ah?

Amd: Let me be la... How i wish I don't need to wake up. LOL!!!