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ka cheng jiun

moli is super ka cheng jiun (butt itchy) right now
suddenly think of wanted to get a netbook
target aim on Ee Pc 1005HA seashell
all the while moli always advise people not to get netbook
cox you pay few hundreds more
you can get a better performance 14" lappie
but now, ini moli....
guess a lot people wanted to hentam moli lio
anyway, show you how this beauty looks like

so, should moli go for it?
moli scares regret la
one friend ask me don't think about it
then will not stim about it lio
lilweiser only told moli
"you got money mar go ahead lo"
**ish ish**
moli just hate to think & make decision
it's even more difficult & suffering than having constipation
what to do la????

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