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last weekend

it was a nice friday night on last week
as usual, we (moli, lilweiser, zen & uncle lek)
 had our yumcha session at genting's starbucks 
on the second day
me & lilweiser had our badminton session with our ex-colleagues
before headed back to lilweiser's hometown - ipoh
then lilweiser thought of bringing his mama
to penang to meet his lil sista
so on sunday after had our breakkie
we straight headed to penang for a one day trip
it was a nice sunny day
the blue blue sky was so bootifool
finally we reached
while waiting for his sista
stooped lilweiser took my lalat spec & wore it
sista came
there we headed to a food court near tmn lip sin
to have some food
**to be precisely, only lilweiser had it**
**this is why his tummy is big..damn**
**see!!! only he is eating**
after that we just round around penang
**pardon me.. lilweiser is doing his usual dumbo acts again -3-**
so we did have a good time
relax & enjoy

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