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a day before was mum's birthday


we, her children + lilweiser

got her something she loves all the while


when i first saw this neko-chan at one of the shop in 1U months ago

i know mum will love this

even i also love this neko-chan

**fyi, moli doesn't like cats**

so after calling my siblings to see whether they wanted to join

i straight headed to 1U with lilweiser after our work

bought it & headed back home

mum looked so happy when she opened the boxes

straight away to put her new neko-chan into the cupboard for display

the small lil fat neko-chan

the big fat neko-chan
there you go, another 2 into mum's neko collection


evtazz aka Amanda aka Amd said... cute punya

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

yea... cute siao XD

No money buy the biggest neko-chan nia.. The biggest is 10X of big neko.@.@