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coming soon

anniversary is coming soon
errmm... probably another 49 days
was asking lilweiser what he wants for anny
he told moli just go for a nice meal
else tell him what moli want then only he tells moli his

actually not that moli doesn't want to tell
just siiiked to tell him
what moli wants will actually burn him out XDDD
& this super ki siao fella will really go get for moli
so moli better shuddup

anyway, time flies super fast
like a lorket
this will be the 6th anniversary
spend most of my time with him since together
meet him everyday
no matter working or hoolidaying
**cox we work in the same comp, he stays 2 doors away from moli**
never been apart
except during sem breaks in Uni life

so, thanks bb
for always being there for moli


Zen said...

Awww.... so sweet!!!!!!!!!

So jealous !!! hahahha

I wish you guys have a wonderful anniversary ya and many many wonderful years ahead !!!

Karen a.k.a Moli said...


Thanxie thanxie