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moli got her on last last Saturday
she was actually dealt by lilweiser with animetsu

when moli asked favor from lilweiser to PO her from animetsu
moli didn't know that she was actually a plastic model kit
not until she was released
& some people reviewed about her



she looks cute which attracted me
but she has tested my limit >.<

moli got so frustrated when assembling her
seriously is a NO NO plastic kit for kotobukiya 
the joint is not tight
it just came off when you push too hard
or it's super no smooth when moving the joint
totally cannot compare with gundam kits

but somehow moli managed to fix all up
& only 1 pose to try on her
as moli doesn't want to "accidentally"
disassemble her again >.<





no more plastic kit from kotobukiya
really cannot bare the frust XD

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