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new member

yippe.. added 4 new members into the nen- nen family
yes..moli is happy with the new member
but also sad because the pocket burnt a big hole
luckily that Rin & Lily are from bb =p

Nendoroid Kagamine Rin from bb <333
just realize that moli's vocaloid set of nendo is from bb
except Luka who is POed by moli XD
imma just need to wait Luka to be released on Jan 2010

figma Drossel which everyone is looking for her
her price got fried high due to the demand on her
so imma just waiting Nendo version to be released
moli wishes moli can get another figma drossel
to make her a pair & hopefully
animestu's supplier will be able to open PO for winter version

Nendoroid Dengeki Limited Shana Black Hair Version
a limited version that is kinda difficult to get
luckily moli found her from a forum from East Malaysia
no second thought moli bought her along with drossel

Nendoroid Saber Lily from bb again
CODed with animetsu on last Saturday
she is cute & nice
moli should have taken photo of her & saber lion XDD
hmm.. may be another round of shooting

while unboxing them yesterday
moli was talking to lilweiser
then only realize that actually
lilweiser bought moli quite a number of nendos
there are around 6-8 nendos
including those POed
dakara だから
moli's nen-nen family can expand at such speed
thanks bb, moli lapiu so much XDDDD

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