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drivers attitude

fyi, maresia drivers are those... **ermmm**
persons who are yang super ber-attitude
**couldn't really find a word to describe & emphasize,so rojak it**

the road condition in maresia is super unexplainable
well, actually it's jammed due to the hoomans
they have one kind of attitude that moli kenot understand
you see.. when the road is smooth, not much cars & no jam,
they like to drive like a snaaaaaiiiilllll at the fast lane
yea... not the second or the slow lane but the fast lane
then you will see one long tail behind (car follows car)

so after sometime, the road started to jam lo...
then you'll see cars speed & trying to go fast...

**why jam lio baru speed ah??tarak paham pon**

& when it comes to a halt stage,
emergency lane will have a lot of cars
& then cars are zig-zag-ing all the way

so this is why...
when you jam jam till the start point of the jam
you see nothing
lono what is actually causing the jam **yea, so blardy rike it**


it's not only jam for nothing
sometimes an accident can cause the whole road
may be like 3 - 5km (minimum) stuck
not just the road where accident happens but also the opposite road

**geng leh... those drivers are just busybody & slow down the car to LOOOK**

oh ya.. forgot to mention,
a car break down at the road side can halt the road too
& also rainy days

so pray hard hard that the road has
NO accident
NO car break down
NO raining
during the time you go to work

really needs to tankew those "lovely" drivers
that's why moli everyday also jam to work


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