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moli guess you all should have come across this ANIMETSU quite often
whenever moli posts about nendoroids or figures
yes, it is one of moli's favor site to hang out
one site with good & exclusive nendoroids & figures XD
one site that can burn you many many holes =p
if you find any nendoroids or figures that you love,
you can try contact animetsu to ask whether he is able to get the item in
oh.. one moar thing moli has forgotten
animetsu does ship out of maresia
it's kinda good news for overseas buyers ^___^

anyway, animetsu has just launched 2 new programs
which benefits his buyers
Affiliate Program & Review Reimbursement Program

Affiliate program is just simple as abc.
It's a program that refer to user.
Whenever a visitor click on your link directed to animetsu store
& if he/she registers & purchases an item from the website,
the referral gets a reward.
so here is moli's link.
**put on rhino skin many many many layers**
Please help support moli ya
Moarr info, please visit here

as for the second program...
read the program name also know liao
which moli is super weak in T3T
**needs to beg lilweiser in guiding moli writes review lio**
so, this is where
you can write your view & thoughts on the item you bought from animetsu

**you must be a member**
however there is terms & conditions. kindly read the T&C here

so, what you peeps waiting for
do visit animetsu often
as the site is always updated with new items
& some of the items get PO in short time
especially those exclusive ones

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