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yes.. moli ordered LC-A+ from Lomo Asia
they were having few promotions at the same time
since LC-A+ fell into the free express shipping items promo
plus buy 1 free 1 gift promo
so moli ordered it when they were having such a good deal XD

yesterday moli received her parcel from Lomo Asia
anyway, the parcel was heavier than moli expected

when moli opened the parcel
it was nicely wrapped with bubbles wrapper

moli knew why it was heavy
is a wooden box for LC-A+ XD

well, LC-A+ package includes

- handstrap
- cable release
- operation manual
- 3 1.5V batteries
- "Lomographiere" hardcover book
- 2 Rolls of film, 36 exposures

& as for the free gifts will be
- LOMO L- Case
- 5 rolls of expired film

besides that...
moli got a small card from Lomo Asia

since moli gotten LC-A+
moli no longer can buy thing lor
as moli has promised lilweiser
can't break promise again
else lilweiser will be damn sad

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