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lilweiser in moliland

moliland is officially inviting lilweiser
to contribute his thoughts, rants & whateva shits
so if you find the post is written in proper english
is lilweiser's post then or check on the crapped by
you guys should be able to notice
cox definitely moli doesn't write proper english XD
& if non-proper english with crapped by moli
yet still doesn't look like moli's style
is the monkey version of lilweiser kacau-ing

Wassupp wassuupppppppppp....i no spokin goodu inglishu....i no here come moliland...i lono who situpid lilweiser....


Lily said...

wa dit inglis is? lo undotand wor

Bud said...

lat inlish ish i somtin lono oso worr....

moli said...