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GSC is soooooo evil
**this GSC aint that GSC,k??**
this GSC sells figures & Nendoroids, not movie tix XD
moli got to know from the forum that...
they are coming out exclusive Nendos again
for the Winter Wonder Festival
**you see the word EXCLUSIVE means die lor**

so this time the exclusive nendoroids are Snow Miku & K-On Live Stage set
**ish ish.... moli mao!!!**
Snow Miku is a special Miku to commemorate the 61st Sapporo Snow Festival
the end of her long twin tails is made form clear plastic

the other exclusive is the Nendoroid K-On Live Stage set
consists of the bassist - Mio & drummer - Ritsu
wearing the outfits from Sakura High Festival performance

both the exclusive are soooo kawaii
moli hopes to be able to get them
as they are only available at WF
& limited period of online purchasing at GSC online website
only for Japan proxy T3T

Updates: moli managed to PO these 2 exclusive =p

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