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Surprise within Surprises

first of all, very the sowee for MIA such long :p

I had a great weekend, a really great & nice weekend
ah bud secretly held a buttday party for me with my friends along
**yes, I have a lot mou gan doussssss**

the mou gan dousssss

I got surprise when that ah bud pushing me to enter the cafe
**i havent notice that sakais were sitting there until i stood in front & saw Foo**

and the second surprise was when I saw the sexy buttday cake in front me
& that Lily suddenly sitting beside me
she came all the way from Cameron to attend this silly party
not only me got surprise, zen, amanda all also gotten surprise
especially Mie!!!
she was standing up with her UNBELIPABLE JAW DROP look
cannot stop walking in and out when she saw Lily XD

and the 3rd surprise???!!!

Zen got mou gan dou balik XD
while she was busy helping ah bud planning my buttday
Ah bud planned to throw her the surprise at the same time
her buttday celebration together XD
yet she still blurdo, busy taking photos on the cake
yet didn't discover her name was on the cake as well
until Lily asked her to LOOK CLEARLY :p

everyone had a good moment so do I
& I threw them another surprise on Sunday evening :p

anyway, I wanted to thank the mou gan dousss
and everyone who has wished me at my FB
and last but not least MR. Bud

Thank you <3

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