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We go Tmn Matahari Cerah

We rampaged Taman Matahari Cerah
in Cameron Highlands on last weekend
Went over to mess up Mexicomm
& ask for some iPariah service
Have not been to Cameron after 12 years old
Then started to go Cameron quuuuuuuuite frequently after I met Lily Plai
*see lar Ms.Lily, how good we are to go visit you!!!!*

& when we are in Cameron, we will never miss out the goood foood
yes, you heard me. FOOOOOD!!!
who cares on the weight the moment you can satisfy your taste bud!!!
*only regret after that... FML*
& we never miss out our Starbucks TT session XD

So food pictures are on their way...

Grilled Steamboat at Cactus View Restaurant
Very nice bacon being served
Super the chio having this in a cooooooold weather
Can you imagine you're wearing your jacket having this hot pot? XD

we have proof
see Mui Tao wearing her jacket & pose with the bacons

Oh oh.. this is not meant for cooking!!!!
This is Lily's dai lou's cutie pet - young wild boar
He has 2 of them :D

After the farm, we went Green View for some yummeh looking lunch
very nice, colourful looking of desserts

So that's it
Nothing much doing there but only foood
Oh & also me & Mui Tao being Lily's part timer XD

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