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Crazy Gang Steamboat Dinner

This is a very, bery dare+ey specioul steamboat dinner ** i know steamboat not special lar** I have ever had at Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant **their chili is yummilicous**. First of all, I will introduce you the gang and then I will explain why it was a very, bery dare+ey specioul dinner.

The gang : Me - Moli, Henry **the ape cox he said he comes out from cave**, Uncle Lek, Blurdo Zen ** she always slow few pitch one **, Amanda ** another blurdo sotong**, Amanda's boyboy - Moon, Sammie a.k.a Semi, Sammie's hubby - J.P, Lily ** the panda in xixili ** and Marie Ann & hubby.

So, the first bery specioul point :
Basically, this was a steamboat with 6 hoomans & 3 animals. **excluded Ann & hubby cox they wanted to "chang doi kiok"**

Second bery specioul point :
Me & Henry NEVER MEET Semi, JP & Lily before.
Uncle Lek NEVER MEETS Amanda & Moon before.
Semi, JP, Zen, Uncle Lek, me, Henry NEVER MEET Ann & hubby before.
Ann & Hubby NEVER MEET the rest of us EXCEPT Lily.

wakakakakkaka... But all of us can sit together & had a specioul crazy steamboat.

We had our so call song:
Row row row your boat, gently to steambot..
If you see a panda in xixili..
Don't forget to scream.

As usual, we had chat & ate that night. Only few pictures were taken. Actually there were 2 cameras. You know why only few pictures?????? Because... both stuped cameras were in LOW BATTERY MODE. **Yea yea... Low battery**

So here are the few pictures. xD

Yummy Fried Doompling

Egg with "chop" & code xD ** I know I'm bery hiong lei lar**

Foodx!!!!!!!! **hungree liao**

Fast fast "yuk sao"

**Put moarrrr... MOAARRRRR**

**Close the covar..close the covar let it cooks**

**It's boiled!!! Can eat loo..**

Moon & blurdo sotong
**I wish I can cook that sotong. Never try blurdo sotong before**


candicechong said...

ahhh... food!! food!!!
steamboat some more!!
my fav!
evil moli... why post this?!
makes me hungry ><|| hahaha...

Karen a.k.a Moli said...

hahahaha...i'm owaz d evil..
i want food too...

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Cheh!! the steamboat is NOT special WITHOUT me!!!!!!! Evil evil hooman!!!!

slurpy licks,