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Well, apparently most of you would know what this is all about. I just cant seem to understand why god blessed human with a heart & a brain that they never used. How can people be such heartless in the first place. How bad can the doggies be to be left to fend for themselves and die? This is just plain heartless. World are just filled with hatred, revenge and darkness these days.

Why this happens? How can it happens in the first place?? How all these doggies can be in the Crap Island??? The crap island is far from the mainland, how all these doggies reach there? Swim over??

Is human... HUMAN!!!! They brought them to the island to be kept. Humans have one of these freaking bad attitude. They get pets according to the so called CUTENESS x(

"Awwww... Look at it, it's so cute", "I want to keep it"

But they never bother their responsibilities as an owner. When the animal grows up, it looses its cuteness, owner lost interest on it and there you go, sad case happens - ABANDON.

Abandon is one of the sad case, another sad case is human doesn't bother to spay or neuter the animals. Overpopulation happens at the same time. These are the reason why Crap island is overpopulated with doggies.

Come on people, everything happens with a reason. There is nothing can happen without a certain reason. And now doggies are to be blamed.

"They are overpopulating, but we don't want to send them to local council cox they will be put to sleep. So we have NO choice to move them to an island."

Wah... So kind of the humans =.=

All also because human's selfish act, they only suffer. Please be responsible with what you're doing, human. Try to put yourselves in the doggies' situation and feel it. How will you feel if you are one of them?

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