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Bukit Tinggi Part I

well, the bukit tinggit outing resulted with 1000+ of photos
**bukit tinggi => direct translate to Engoolusi will be High Moutain XD**
so moli will separate it into 3 parts
as the quantity of photos are overwelming =p
so part one focuses on few small places we went
while on the way to the Japanese Village & Colmar Tropicale

we headed to this river side at Selesa Home Villa
the water is cold & the flow is fast
too bad the water isn't really clear due to the construction there

show you some photos on what we did there

this is the main purpose going there:

we headed to the Bukit Tinggi right after this
1st we passed by Berjaya's Horse Trails
People can ride horsy there
& of course you need to pay for the ride
in fact...
going inside to view the horsies needs to pay too =3=

then we went to this hindu temple
it seems to be a newly built temple
the environment there is quiet & nice
went down to pray pray a while

stopped at rabbit park after the temple
is small park where it has a compound for hoomans to play & pat rabbits

there is not only rabbits
but you can see deers & donkeys there too
**too bad no donkeys photos as they are busy having their lunchie XD**

that's all for nao
i'll end this post with one of my nephew - Jonathan's photo

see you in Part II

upcoming next: The Japanese Village

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