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Bukit Tinggi Part II: Japanese Village

a lil notice:
please pardon moli & bare with moli

as moli really saitei (worst) in
describing or elaborating an object or a place or whatsoeva

this post will be showing the Japanese Village
well, the environment there is quiet & nice
too bad that it doesn't provide accommodation
so it's mainly just visit, visit & visit

Ryo Zan Tei - a restaurant besides the botanical garden
since it's the only restaurant in Japanese Village
means it's the monopoly hence expensive
if you're hungwee, moli advices you to tahan (stand) your hunger
go Furansu [Colmar Tropicale] to have your meal

Kaka doing farnee poses in ryo zan tei

the small japanese village
basically it just has only few houses there
just to show you the structure of the houses
but moli loves the environment there
oh ya.. forgot to mention,
you're able to rent kimono or yukata there to take photos
**moli doesn't know how to differentiate, as both seem to be the same XD**
& there is a SPA center too
anyway, moli didn't take any those photos on yukata/kimono
as there were many people
super cut mood when you see people moutain people sea (many people)

around 30minutes you can finish walking
it's just a small compound there
so before we headed to Colmar Tropicale
cousins wanted to settle the kids
& we (a bunch of monkeys) who were too free there
hence monkeys photos were taken

Jojo joined our monkey troop
he is also another fella with many poses

one huge super nice pine tree
bro said wanted to chop it & drag back home for Xmas XD
mum sure killed him if he does
this tree is even taller than my house >.<
but damn.. it's super chio (bootifool)

monkeys wouldn't forget to take photo when see mirror

for those who want to visit the place
do take the small bus up instead walking on your own feet
as the slope is super steep
you'll get tired even just a short distance
walking down is okay
all you need to afraid is whether your brake system is strong enough XD

that's all for nao
ja ne~~

upcoming next:
Furansu Village [Colmar Tropicale]

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