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Bukit Tinggi Part III: Colmar Tropicale

so nao follow moli drive to Furansu
yea.. is drive to Furansu, no need fly XD

**after .... ermm... 3mins?! of driving**
yea... we have reached furansu themed resort
the Colmar Tropicale
this is how it looks like
from the parking lot to the lift

the ground floor of the parking lot is actually a big hall
they named it Le Chavelier
we took the photos outside the hall
well, we did take photo inside
but those are some monkeys messing in the hall pics XD

& from the Le Chavelier to the resorts
this will be the view

before reaching the main errrmmm.... door?? or gate??
you'll see a small garden that allows you to take photos

& right before the entrance
you're allow to walk down to see swans
yea.. is swans
those lovie doovie swans XD
so moli rushed down to take photos of them

the swans are notty
you don't place your hand there talk to your loved one or friends
they will slowly come over & poke your hand
yea.... painful oh, heard you'll get blue mark too >.<
this is how inside looks like

monkeys around the wishing will

there is a note at the will
money collected will be donated to an orphanage

view from the tower
yea.. we climbed all the way up
look at moli's sista face XD

that's all for the Bukit Tinggi outing
there are more photos at Colmar Tropicale
moli will try to edit a lil more & add on
**moli know this "a lil more" is super wrong**

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Zen said...

love ya Bkt Tinggi photo!!!!