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watched Avatar 2 days in a row XD
the night before following lilweiser back to ipoh
& the night reached ipoh
both 3D & 2D
berry nice worth movie to watch
you cannot differentiate which is real or which is CGI
ebithing just seems so real
yet you will not miss out the fantasy thingy
plants, animal markings that glow in the dark
you people should watch it to see all those effects
other than the hoomans in the movie
ebithing is just plain CGI stuff

p/s: that was also moli's first experience in ipoh cinema

not really belip what lilweiser told moli all the while
till moli experienced herself
yes, moli wouldn't want to watch at there again
the seats are plain not comfortable
moli could feel the shakes when people walking up & down
the sound system is just plain saite
it will go low in a sudden
the only thing moli likes is the air con
it is cool enough XD

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