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Moli's Christmas Wishlist

moli comes across theclickshop's new post

regarding his Christmas wishlist
so moli also decided to list out moli's
indirectly can hint lilweiser & my tomodachi(s) about it XD

so here it is:
moli wishes to have:

  • White Xmas with lilweiser
  • can find moaarrr different films to shoot.. moarrr photos
  • Canon 7D - so moli doesn't need to fight with lilweiser x]
  • Panasonic LX3 as moli's one got killed during Redang trip T^T
  • Lomo Lubitel or Red Blackbird, Fly 135 TLR camera or Gakken Mook TLR Camera
  • Nendoroids - lotsa lotsa nendoroids
  • BRS figure which moli has missed out the chance of PO her T^T
  • Camera lens, tripod & DSLR Backpack
  • ODM watches especially ODM JC/DC Pop Hours & ODM x Husky
  • ebione wish comes true <333>
  • etc etc etc... XD
moli better stop cox moli knows this will never end
it's a never ending wish list
unless moli can summon choisanyeah
buahahhahhahaha =p

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